Residential Landlord Tenant Rights Houston

Residential Landlord Tenant Rights

If you are an active tenant or landlord presently living in a Houston leasing property you ought to be cognizant of the documented legal obligations under the by-law for tenant’s safety concerning modern-day health and safety values and standards, which are existing residential landlord-tenant privileges in Houston.

Residential Landlord Houston duties

It is the obligation of the Houston based landlord of leased properties to provide all tenants:

    • Window/approved air circulation structures in the bath/shower room(s). The window needs to be entirely operational and with capability to open to the outside, while the remaining aerating system must always be entirely functioning


    • A Bathroom / Toilet for personal use


    • Handbasin in the equivalent room, or in the surrounding area, of the toilet


    • Bathtub/shower for personal use


  • The restroom floor must have a water-resistant and simple to clean surface


Real Estate Landlord Tenant Rights Houston

    • A kitchen sink in excellent operating conditions


    • Kitchen / Heating / Water & Sewage


    • A gas or electric stove, that is fitted precisely, work successfully, and constantly preserved in appropriate working condition


    • Hot and cold passing water running properly. The hot water must remain reliably between 110 and 125 degrees while running at a speed of at the very minimum one gallon per minute inside all appropriate rooms


    • Plumbing gear needs to be accurately connected to Houston’s water and sewage structures, with the exception of a private and secluded system having been fitted and installed correctly


    • A connected central heating structure that is running to heat the estate to 68 degrees from Oct 1 through Apr 30 and synchronously during May and Sept while the outdoor temperature can drop beneath 60 degrees


Electric/ Pests/ Repairs 


    • All rental or leased properties must have satisfactory organic light and suitable ventilation


    • Backup lighting fitted in hallways and stairwells with various exits


    • In multi-family residences, the landlord is accountable for exterminating pests


    • All plumbing and heating gear mounted and void of any blockages or potential leaks


  • If you’re an existing landlord in Houston and you are hesitant of your tenant accountabilities, or you are a tenant who requests further understanding regarding if their landlord is hypothetically answerable for any living problems relating to the lent property, call real estate attorneys Houston today and find out more!

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