Houston Business Litigation Attorney

Houston Business Litigation Attorney Services

As the finest real estate attorney firm in Houston, we additionally deliver the best Houston business litigation attorney services, which incorporates being representative of both distributors, borrowers and lenders, vendees and vendors, corporations, collection agencies and all other business entities. We deliver Houston business litigation attorney services for company-related and business disputes that necessitate an attorney. We are very proud to complete and carry out these services for clients in Houston and the surrounding areas in Texas.

Houston Business Litigation Attorney Services

There are numerous categories of business disputes that you may encounter at any presented time, rendering our Houston business litigation attorney services vast and diverse. This requires comprehensive understanding of all conceivable disputes and law enveloping these conflicts. Here are just several of the litigation services we provide:

Breach of Contract 

Our Houston business litigation attorneys operate all breach of contact incidents and we will represent and embody either of the disputing parties named in the disagreements. Breach of contract disagreements can encompass delivery of goods or services, bad faith negotiations, tenancy and any additional legal issue that may correlate.

Injunctive Relief 

A prevalent service that has expanded which we deliver our clients are injunction relief services, and if a position arises where court order is mandatory that will halt a party from something that is deemed lawfully objectionable at any point, or could force a party to take an assenting action, then we intend to petition to the court instantly on an expedited (accelerated) basis. There are countless categories of injunctive relief procedures that we have regularly and effectively battled for our clients previously and intend to resume doing so.


Replevin necessitates that improperly held estate by any side must be lawfully restored to the opposed party while litigation is still pending trial. This is a singular example of the vast and valuable legal tactics that we frequently utilize to acquire a legal court mandate, which entails the return of the estate. If finalized and effective, it can achieve a fast settlement.

Lien Foreclosure and Enforcement 

Our Houston business litigation attorney can speak for either party in lawsuits that will impose liens and/or foreclose on both residential and commercial properties for recurring disputes of non-payment. This can comprise of anything from a mortgage lien holder to a contractor in mechanics lien actions.


A very meaningful service for Houston business litigation attorney clients, which is a civil dispute for reparations exclusively based upon duplicitous activities and can be carried upon if one party had at one moment practically trusted on false representation of the other party with the idea or means to participate in fraud for any motive. As a respectable and reputable firm, we are vigorously opposed to any fraudulent methods employed, and we will actively practice all claims of fraudulence where essential.

Enforcement, Collections and Appeals 

If a party is beholden to an additional party or have been discovered liable for any costs but have rejected to pay the court appointed decision, we will assertively sue and battle for any and all reimbursement using cooperative actions of additional further enforcement litigation. We represent and exemplify both individuals and businesses who are presently debating said court judgements.

Business Litigation Attorney Houston 

If you have suffered from a vendor failing to distribute pledged goods, a potential breach of contract, an employment dispute or other business issues that entail litigation, then you should directly confer with a business litigation attorney Houston firm like Real Estate Attorney Houston If you are currently seeking the best Houston business litigation attorney, get in touch with us today!

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