About us


Formed in 2015, we have created a firm that is specialists in real estate attorney law and property law. Our experience and knowledge rival the best in the US. As a firm, we are committed to providing a service that is innovative, and leaders in the industry. We continuously review cases recent and historical, providing a successful and effective strategy for litigation in all circumstances.

We have dedicated our firm to becoming the most reputable, trusted and experienced property law firm in America. Our client base has been built on the foundation of this ethic, and we have already achieved this objective. We will continue to strive for improvement and success.

We want to provide success consistently for our clients, and we will aim for success with every dispute that we take. We currently hold a great success rate in litigation battles, and we aim to continue that success. Educating our clients to their legal dispute and the course of success is important to us, and it’s important to continue being at the forefront of property law. We also want to continue educating smaller firms.

We have found and nurtured talented individuals who have grown into core members of our team and specialists in the arena. We will continue to train our team in new cases, precedents and property law to broaden the expertise of our team.


Finding the right real estate attorney firm to represent you through a legal dispute can be difficult. You will need to find a passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable firm that can provide relevant results for your specific dispute. Those are the key fundamentals for our firm, and our pathway to success for each client we represent. For us, our reputation is specifically supported by client satisfaction.

Our Success

We strive for success in every dispute that we represent a legal party in. We achieve that success through experience, dedication and an understanding of real estate and property law other firms do not possess. Whether we are representing an individual or a business, we provide the same level of focus.

Our History

Real Estate Attorney Houston was established by our founder in his bedroom, after working for the biggest firms around Pennsylvania. The firm began representing clients of all sizes. This included college student tenants to multi-property landlords. After successfully representing multiple clients, he eventually built a team of extremely talented and knowledgeable lawyers who were able to assist heavily. Since then, the firm has grown into the most reputable in Houston and represent clients of any background.